Last week I was asked to talk to a dog who is currently being trained to be less afraid and to feel safe with his humans. Unfortunately, this has not been successful so far and he barks at everything that moves outside.

When I connected with him, it became clear that he is not afraid at all and he also feels very safe and secure, but he has a huge inner tension. As soon as it goes out, he feels pressured like a pressure cooker and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. Barking, running and getting upset is his way of releasing this pressure. He feels so uncomfortable and helpless with it and he is also very sorry to disappoint his humans.

But understanding what is really behind a behaviour, knowing how an animal feels, helps to find other approaches!

They are now looking at whether there are medical reasons for it and want to do stress management and relaxation training with him. He needs help to build up his impulse control and his humans need to learn to recognise when he is already at his limit. Then he doesn’t need a long walk, but just a short release and maybe some sniffing games at home.

I am glad that I could give them a different perspective and thus help them to get to a more relaxed life.

If you are not getting anywhere with training your animal, stop and don’t listen to what the trainer might tell you, but feel into your connection with your animal. What does your intuition tell you about where the problem actually lies?

Love and Light for you and your animals