Animals like to have a purpose and they want us to be aware of it and appreciate it. 

The other day I was talking about this topic again with a cat. She was jealous of her sister because she had a job that her humans valued very much. She then tried to take over this role herself, but she couldn’t cope with it. Together we then thought about what she could do instead and also what she is already doing that helps her humans a lot.

So often my conversations are about a job that the animals want. Often they also look for one themselves, but we might not like it, like protecting us and which then leads to stressful walks. Or they don’t feel like a valuable part of the family and are sad. The answer, you keep me company and I like to cuddle you, is usually not enough for them.

However, if they and we are aware that their being close to us after the job helps us to relieve stress and get down and they know how much it helps us, then it can be just the right thing to do.

So think about what your animals do for you, where they help you and let them know how much you appreciate it, how important it is to you.
Because they are often soooo proud when we are aware of that and praise them for it.

Of course I would be happy if you let me share what an important task your animals fulfill for you.

Love and Light for you and your animals