I am not a horse person, i.e. I have had very little contact with horses and often felt rather anxious in their presence.
At the beginning of my professional work, I therefore thought that I had better specialize only in dogs and cats. But I also learned early on that I should always trust the animals and that the clients who come to me are the ones I can help. And so at one point the first booking came from a rider with her horse Guiness.

I let myself be guided in the conversation and so I was allowed to help the two to show each other their fears and worries and to think together how solutions could look like. Of course, not everything went smoothly right away, but this opening up to each other, this being seen, triggered a great change and led to mutual trust again.
How happy I was when I was able to experience the change in their relationship in a follow-up meeting! It was about resolving a few more minor issues and disagreements. And in the process I could feel how strong the bond is now between the two of them, how the horse trusts her, seeks advice and guidance and also how at one she now feels with her horse in some situations. This was very touching and beautiful to experience this mutual closeness and trust.
It was also exciting that the two of them think absolutely similar about the situation! Only how to solve it was not so clear. But we were able to develop a few ideas together and sometimes it helps to simply address a problem in order to get the appropriate impulses.

So I learned from the Guiness that it is important and completely sufficient if I communicate what the animal shares with me, how it feels, what it wants and how it experiences things. And together with his human we can then think about what that means exactly and what can be changed. So thank you so much for giving me that confidence. Since then, I have had quite a few close conversations with horses and really appreciate their clear way of communicating.
Our knowledge of the species is not important, what is important is that we talk to each other with an open heart and trust that what is really important will be transmitted.

Love and Light for you and your animals