Today is the birthday of my departed Niela. Of course, this brings back many memories of shared experiences and also of her death. Unfortunately, at that time I was not yet able to speak so well with animals, especially my own.

Last week I had the honour of having a conversation about the end of life with a human-dog team. It was so incredible to feel the energy shift as they both opened up to saying goodbye and made a decision. And how much relief and letting go came, and with it a great sense of peace and calm! I am very touched that I was able to feel and experience this. 

Because it is so valuable when you have the opportunity to talk about death with your pet. When you can clarify what the path should look like. With or without help and under what conditions? Then you can let go in peace and say goodbye, because everything has been said and clarified. The last road will still be difficult, but you know in your heart that you are doing the right thing. ❤️

With my Niela, I felt the decision was the right one and we never questioned it either. But I would have liked to share more with her and experience the process from her point of view.

Love and Light for you and your animals

In my animal communication group some time ago the participants asked a few questions and I would very much like to share their answers with you today:

Are the deceased animals who were friends in life back together and also communicating with each other or also with us on earth?


If we belong to a soul family, then we are also together again on the other side and learn together.

With those who are closely connected to us, whether human or animal, we always keep contact and this connection will always exist. We exchange with them and are there for them. Communicating with each other from one world to another is easier with our animal friends than with you humans, because they are usually much more receptive. But that is also in the process of changing. 🙂

If we have not yet completed our learning tasks here on earth and incarnate again, then we can still keep in touch. But then we usually do it less often. Because we also feel that those who have remained can manage without us.


Do you visit your family on the other side of the rainbow more often on your own or only when a family member calls you, for example because they need help or support ?


In the first time after our transformation we are still very closely connected. We are very present in your thoughts and in your hearts.  This connection helps you, but also us. Because we are also still “processing” this incarnation and it does us good to be close to you. And of course we want to support you as much as we can. For we understand that your pain is so much greater. If we have been your teachers and guides in this life, then we will be from the other side. Then we will come when you need us and call us, but also when we feel that our guidance and closeness would help you.


What has been bothering me for a long time is the question of how it goes on in the long run with the souls after death. So when my beloved animal dies we remain connected through our love and deep bond. But when the soul incarnates again, “my” beloved animal will probably build up the same connection to someone else in a new body, which is all well and good. But does that mean that my animal will be gone for me at some point? How long will our connection last then? Or are there differences (you mentioned something about soul families)? Or am I possibly also connected with the new family of my animal? What about after my death? These are all things that I find very difficult to understand here.


Yes, it is also difficult to understand when you are in a 3-dimensional world and time is linear. Then you can’t understand some things at all, because the brain sorts everything into sequences. Each of us has a soul, a higher self, and only a part of it ever incarnates and has certain experiences. We are always connected to the whole soul, but here on earth we are only a piece of it, our consciousness. Our soul can therefore have many experiences and everything flows together. With this one part of us, you will always be connected and this part of consciousness will also visit you.

If we have a particularly close soul relationship with a person, then that person is also always part of our soul family. And yes, different parts of our soul can also connect to another person (or animal) from this soul family. With all members of this soul family you are then also in a special relationship. But not through your animal, but because you are also a part of this group.

Now that the earth and with it all its inhabitants are in the process of ascension, we all step out of this karmic cycle. We no longer have to fulfil certain learning tasks here on earth, but our soul is free and can ascend and be in the body as a complete soul. Your soul also frees itself more and more and anchors itself with all its aspects and all its abilities in your body. Your vibration is rising and you too are transforming into 5th dimensional beings. Many of the animals already are. And often you recognise this. You sense that we have a certain wisdom and radiance. Many of the animals that are dying are also choosing not to return at this time, but are helping to ascend from the other side. If you open yourselves to that, you can also perceive their whole soul and all that they are besides the part that was with you.


What task(s) do animals have there on the other side; in general?


Oh, there is so much we do! Most of the time it is not just one task that we fulfil.

We receive the souls that have just been transformed and also help them in advance with the transition. Mostly, a soul prepares for death and makes journeys into this dimension.

We continue to stand by our people or all members of the family as counsellors and help them on their way.

We prepare for a new life and together with the soul concerned we consider what experiences it would still like to have or how it would like to help.

We then support the soul in incarnating and adapting to the new life.

We work with people in their dreams, accompany them on their journeys there.

We transform energies on earth and thus help with the ascension of the earth.

We stand by animals (and also people) in need and give them strength and confidence.

We help with healings when we are asked to do so.

We have tasks in higher dimensions that have nothing to do with Earth.

And there is so much more we do. And every time you connect with us, we transfer that vibration of peace and love that we all are to you.