Through further course feedback and also some customer experiences in the last few days, I have become aware again that animal communication is so much more. It is on the surface about asking questions and explaining them. But actually we get to know our animal on a completely different level, we see and recognize its spirit, its soul. Our perspective changes and we meet them at eye level.

That alone causes big changes in the relationship and behavior of our animals.Even if you feel you can’t manage to talk to them, they sense that you want to and meet them differently.  And many tell me that their animal is looking for more contact and their relationship has become closer.

That’s why my course is also very much about letting go of our own ideas and being completely open with our animal.
Try to see our world through the eyes of your animal. Then you will understand a bit more what you might have to explain to him, what is incomprehensible for your animal. And if you want to help your animal, then think about what would help you in this situation, what you would want someone else to do. Does it help you if someone tells you that everything is alright, that you don’t have to be afraid? Or does it help you more if someone says, I can understand that this situation scares you, but I am at your side, you can rely on me. If you think about that from time to time, then you can support your animal better in many situations.
I wish that you all meet your animal in a new way and discover and understand each other’s world. Just try to put yourself in your animal’s shoes more often and tell me what changes with you as a result.

Love and Light for you and your animals