Today a participant made me very happy with her feedback, because this is exactly what I want to show in my course and also in my newsletter:

“In the course I learned that there are many different types of AC, and that animals also communicate very differently. … Very important was the realization that it was exactly the beliefs I had about AC that prevented me from taking my perceptions seriously.”

Animal communication is as individual as we and our animals are. Everyone has a different style and approach. Based on our personality and experiences. And so it is a journey of discovery that you undertake together. Where you experience, try something and learn more and more along the way. And the beautiful thing is that we are not alone in this, but our animals support and help us!

Personally, it has taken me many years in which I could have exchanged ideas with my Niela, if I had already been aware of the fact that animal communication does not have to be done in a certain way. Because it wasn’t the way I had imagined it, I thought for a long time that I couldn’t do it.  And it was only much, much later that I learned through my teacher, mentor and friend Joanne Yeoh that it is different for everyone. Now I let myself be inspired by others, but don’t compare myself, just try out whether and how it suits me.

We have a lot of beliefs, not only about telepathy, but also about many other things in life. The biggest and most important step is to free yourself from them, to open up and let yourself be surprised. Children approach many things with an open mind and see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and try a different approach. We, on the other hand, often think we know how something is and are afraid of making mistakes because we will be criticized for it or we criticize ourselves. Because if we are honest with ourselves, then we are our own biggest critic and we stand in our own way the most.

I feel that as we go through life we become more and more serious and often more and more stuck. Therefore, I wish very much that you see the interaction and also the communication with your animal playfully and be happy about everything you receive. Life and our togetherness is so diverse and there is so much to discover if we are open to it.

Love and Light for you and your animals