Today is the perfect day to think about what you are grateful for and how you show it to your pet. 

When we think of something we are grateful for, our hearts open and we immediately feel lighter and happier. Being aware every day of what to appreciate in our lives is one of the best tools to have a more positive life, and with good reason.

These good feelings are enhanced when we also express our gratitude. Towards our partner, a friend, someone who helps us and of course our four-legged friends. When we express what we are happy about, what we are grateful for, a heart connection forms and a bright light and love flows.

So consciously take a few minutes and think about what you want to thank your animals for. You will then immediately feel a change in your heart, mood and energy. Now you just make the intention to send your feelings and the pictures of what you want to say thank you to your animal. And your loved one gets it and he or she also feels the love and joy. And if you feel into it, you will feel how the beautiful feelings are getting stronger and stronger.

I would be happy if you report to me how it worked out!

Love and Light for you and your animals