May I introduce my new friend Martha!

We met on holiday at Texel when she was standing with her herd in the pasture next to our holiday home. I was very happy that she came right after I greeted her and let me stroke her. She was freshly shorn and had a very short wool. But in the heat, she said, it was quite pleasant.

Of course, I also brought her carrots regularly during our stay when we talked and I was allowed to cuddle her. She liked that very much, by the way, and always showed me the places where I should please rub. And I love to look into her fascinating eyes with the unusual pupils.
By the way, she chose the name Martha herself when I asked her what I could call her.

I have loved sheep ever since I was a child, when a shepherd and his small flock moved in behind my grandmother’s chicken coop. They convey so much peace, companionship and gentleness. Although they can also be very assertive.

Maybe that’s one reason why I love Texel so much, because there are almost as many sheep as inhabitants and you see these woolly creatures standing in the pastures everywhere.
When we were there in the spring, the mothers stood by our house with their lambs and it was such a joy to watch the lambs playing carefree and to see the mothers’ care.

Are there animals that you are particularly drawn to? Why do they touch your heart? What do you admire and love about them? Perhaps it is your power animal?

At certain times in our lives, sometimes other animals come to our side and show up or affect us especially. In my Facebook group on Wednesday, I will therefore draw a card from Diana Cooper’s Archangel Animal Oracle for everyone who likes it, showing us which animal has a message and support for us.

Of course Martha has also given me a message for us which I am very happy to share with you:

We are beings who are happy and strong in community. And actually you are too. You also draw strength from feeling connected to others. You are beginning to discover this again and to find those who correspond to you. That is good. Because no one is on their own, there is support for everyone. Even with us, it is not always peaceful. We are very gentle, but we also have strong characters and things can get rough sometimes. But when that’s cleared up, we don’t hold grudges, we always stick together. If you rest in yourself, like we do, and if you have found yourself, then you will also attract the right herd into your life. You may not live together, but you know that you can rely on each other and that you inspire each other.
If you ever feel alone and restless, connect with us. Feel our hearts touch yours and fill you with confidence, peace, calm and affection. Your heart will open and send us gratitude and love and together we will bring the vibration of friendship, harmony and unity into the world.

I will visit Martha again at the beginning of September and I am looking forward to crawling through her wool, which will surely be thicker by then!

Love & light for you and your pets

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