As we made an excursion yesterday, I was reminded again of something that the animals always convey to me and which is so difficult for us to internalize.
Behind the clouds the sun shines
No matter how dark and threatening it looks, no matter how thick and tough the layer is, above it is bright, wide and light. I have attached two pictures for you to see and feel it for yourself.
My Niela kept trying to tell me not to take it so hard. She wanted me to focus on the beautiful, to enjoy the time with her. And yet my attention was very much on her illnesses, on what I could do, how I needed to help her. I was very often caught up in and under the clouds and worry, instead of seeing the sun behind and appreciating what I have and trusting that all is right.
A dog who is almost 17 and who first had trouble coming to terms with her old body and her declining abilities, now enjoys every day and tries as best she can to be there for everything. We humans often wonder if she is still okay, so weakened and emaciated and yet she conveys so much joy and serenity when I talk to her. She accepts the way things are and enjoys the little things.
A cat that has been given a bad diagnosis does not want his humans to focus only on that. Instead, he wants to enjoy carefree time. His animal family also tells us we can still worry if there are really symptoms, but until then we should just be happy.
Very easily clouds of worry and fear darken our hearts. Not only because of our animals, but also because of all the things that are happening in the world. And yet there is always the shining light behind those clouds. And if we push them aside a little bit, open our heart a little bit, then the sun warms us, then we have hope and then we can enjoy the now. Our animals wish that we let this light into our heart and into our life and that we ourselves become a shining light full of love and confidence.
So I hope that you remember these images when you are once again caught in the dark heaviness and you get in touch with the light behind it, so that it lights your way out.

Love & light for you and your pets