You love your pet and do everything to make it feel comfortable and happy.
And that’s why you make many decisions in everyday life that are, of course, in the best interest of your animal. Our animals appreciate our caring and yet they would be very happy if we gave them the choice more often. Because being able to decide for yourself makes you happy.
So think about where you can give your pet the freedom of choice.

The next time you go for a walk with your dog or go for a ride with your horse, take a look at where your pet would like to go, in which direction it tends. And most of the time we have the opportunity to give them that choice. Sometimes we might be surprised where it leads us and what we discover.

Or pay attention to when your animal would like to walk or play with you. In our stressful everyday lives, we often overlook the small signals with which it wants to get our attention or tell our animal that we will go or play later. Why not give your darling the decision about your time together every now and then and respond to his or her wishes?

Or if you give a nibble or a treat, then you can offer several to choose from and see what your pet is in the mood for at that moment. Ok, with cats you usually have to provide different food anyway ūüėČ But our other animals are also happy when we offer them a varied menu and they don’t have to eat the same thing every day.

So see when and how you can give your pet some freedom and choice. Your intuition will give you the answer if you are unsure. Or you can ask your animal to tell you how it feels when you choose option A. You will then either have a bright, light, wide and powerful feeling or you will have a dark, heavy, narrow or powerless feeling. And then you ask it to show you how it feels Variation B and there too you will feel either one or the other. The more often you try this, the clearer and easier you will feel which variation your animal would prefer.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences with this!

Love & Light for you and your pets