I am back from my relaxing and wonderful holiday at the seaside and I was able to help many little furry ones and their humans again this week. One question regularly comes up with animals from animal welfare: What have you experienced in the past?

We like to know everything about our pets and have the feeling that if we know about their past, we can understand our animal even better.
The animals, however, rarely want to talk about it. So often they tell me that it is no longer important to them and that they have a completely different life now. They have left the experience behind and they often cannot understand why it is important for us and why we want them to share it with us. And sometimes I also get that they don’t want to because then we would look at them differently and because then we might feel sorry for them. And that’s something that animals don’t like at all.
My two dogs, for example, have clearly told me that I should please not introduce them to others with: Ida, former breeding dog, and Maja, was sold by her family. Their past would not matter to them and people would often meet them with such a heavy energy. It is quite enough to say: Ida has lived with us for almost a year and Maja for a good 2 years. And that’s not really important, that they haven’t always been with us ???? Because yes, the animals live much more in the here and now. Their life with us is what counts for them!

It is different, of course, when experiences from the past influence their behaviour in the now. Then there is a clear reason for them to look there and they share with me what they have experienced. This is often not easy for them and sometimes we only perceive it from the “outside” and dissolve the pain and blockages without diving deeper. 

So you see, when it is important, the animals talk about their past, but most of the time they don’t want to deal with it at all and only their present home counts for them. So enjoy your life with them and be happy about the moment!

Love & Light for you and your pets