Every Sunday I think about what I’m going to write about today. Usually it’s something that was particularly present this week. This time I’ll just tell you about some of my recent communications.
Two weeks ago I was preparing a pony to be put down in two days. He was at peace with the fact that his life was going to end and felt how hard it was for people to make this decision. At the beginning of the conversation he was very depressed because his life had become meaningless to him and because he had lost access to his memories. His human then told what he had achieved as a therapy pony, how great he was with the children and with each telling he opened up more and remembered himself. He was proud of himself again and what he had achieved. When we asked him what he still wanted, it was actually for all the important people in his life to get together and review his life. He wanted to consciously remember all the beautiful experiences again, to laugh and also cry together. The farewell was bittersweet and his last breaths very peaceful.
On his last day, he also went for a walk with his buddy. Their human led the two of them as they used to pull the carriage. This was a very special experience for both of them and made them so happy. I was allowed to talk to this friend again a week later. He was very sad during the first conversation and had somehow given up on himself. During the second conversation, however, I sensed a joy of life in him again. The memories did him good too. He was also proud of himself again, felt like an important part of the community again. He was now able to look forward again and opened up to the two horses that were still there, and the three of them even broke out and had a lot of fun and delicious munchies on the neighbour’s meadow! We then asked him what he would like and he loves to be talked to. He wishes that when he is being cleaned, for example, the person tells him what he is experiencing in his life, what moves him. He wants to be taken “on a journey”.
Then this week I talked to a guinea pig lady. She has cysts in her abdomen and is to be operated on. I could sense that she was in pain because of this, that her digestion is not working properly and how unhappy she is that she is not doing so well and withdraws instead of seeking closeness. After I explained what the vet found on the ultrasound, her first question was “Ok, so what are we going to do about it?” Her human was a little worried if surgery was the right decision, but for the sweetie, it couldn’t happen fast enough for her to get rid of everything that didn’t belong there in her tummy. Of course she was a bit worried when I showed her what was going to happen, but I was also able to reassure her that she would have little pain. Since she couldn’t really imagine it, I shared with her my memories of my own operations and she was reassured. We also talked about the aftercare and the special food she gets to eat in the first few days. She really liked the fact that it is something very special and that only she and not her partner will get it.
We were also able to reassure her partner, because he is very worried about her and is looking forward to her getting better soon.
Then I got to talk to 2 horses from 2 clients who are unhappy in the stable they are in now for very different reasons. When I explained to their humans how they were feeling and what was bothering them, they both confirmed that this was exactly what they had suspected. So you see, we often sense very precisely what is bothering our animals.
This little excerpt shows why I love my work so much. It’s so varied and I don’t know beforehand where the journey will take me, but I let the animals guide me and give their wishes and thoughts a voice. I help them and their humans make decisions, explain them and figure out how everyone can be comfortable with them.
Love & light for you and your pets