I think for all of us there is nothing more beautiful than seeing our pet happy. When we see it playing happily or running around, our hearts overflow.
We can certainly use the concept of mirror neurons to explain why we ourselves are so happy in such situations. But that is only part of what happens. All of us, whether we consciously practise animal communication or not, are connected to our pets. We know and feel when they are unwell and also when they are well because they share this with us. And that is exactly what they do in those blissful moments. They send us their emotions and we perceive them. Therefore, we then not only feel our own joy that our pet is happy, but we also feel our pet’s joy in a very concrete way. Shared happiness is double happiness, literally.
This applies to all positive emotions. And it also goes in both directions, i.e. even if we look at our pet in love while cuddling together, we are sending our love and thus also strengthening our pet’s feeling of love. In the same way, when we are very proud of our pet and praise it because it has done something particularly well. You can then feel how it grows a few centimetres out of sheer pride.
In the next few days, pay attention to your emotions in relation to your pets and feel whether you are perhaps picking up something from them at these moments or whether you are sending your feelings to your pet. You can playfully explore this with your pet and also try it out together. I am sure that you and your pet will have a lot of fun. 
Love & light for you and your pets