Times are very challenging and difficult for all of us at the moment. For a variety of reasons. It is therefore all the more important that we take time to reflect on all the things that are going well and for which we can be grateful. I already spoke about this important change of perspective in my last newsletter. Our animals in particular are high on our list of gratitude. Every day with them is a gift and we can learn so much from them.

5 reasons why our animals deserve our gratitude every day

1) They help us stay in the here and now.
We humans tend to spend a lot of time regretting something from the past or worrying about the future. Thus, we often live more in the past or the future than in the present. Our animals help us to live in the present through their example. They experience every moment with enthusiasm and joy and ask us to do the same.

2) They show us what we really need to be healthy and happy.
Our animals feel best when we give them healthy food, lots of exercise in the great outdoors, a structured daily routine and lots of love. These simple things in life are the basis for a balanced, less stressful and happier life. And by giving it to our pets, we take better care of ourselves too.

3) They are always by our side.
Our animal companions stay connected to us, no matter how bad we feel or how we behave. At times when we feel ignored or left alone by the world, our pets offer us unconditional connection.

4) They communicate with us constantly.
Our animals are constantly talking to us through their body language and behaviour. Therefore, it is our job to learn the language they speak in order to communicate to them what we expect and value from their behaviour. The more clearly we communicate with each other, the closer and more connected we are with them.

5) They forgive.
I’m sure most of us have ignored or lost patience with our pet or spoken too harshly to them at one time or another. And we remember how our faithful companion forgave us the very next second. Our animal friends do not hold grudges. They do not punish themselves or us by clinging to past offenses. They offer instant forgiveness and an open heart.

Therefore, let us thank our animals every day for being in our lives and do something for them that makes them happy!

Love & Light for your and your pets