This week I had a follow-up conversation with a dog that made me look at things differently in my everyday life as well.
The cutie was very frustrated and saddened that the many advances she is making are often not seen. She feels stressed and a failure who disappoints her owner. Most of the time this is not the case! Her human is self-judgmental and frustrated because she thinks she reacted too late or wrong.

We’re so used to criticizing ourselves, mainly seeing what we could have done better and not what we did well. We are always being told that we have to work on ourselves and so our expectations of ourselves are getting higher and higher, our perspective and our consciousness are skewed.
It is difficult for our animals to distinguish whether we are disappointed in ourselves or in them, whether we are stressed because of them or because of the job. It is therefore important that we consciously detach ourselves from it and get a different focus again. Because then we can feel the bond to our animal again, perceive its needs from our heart and act on the basis of our intuition and not what we think is right.

On Friday evening I had a conversation with a dog who was a bit unhappy that he had a different home during the week than at the weekend and somehow felt like he couldn’t help at all. When he found out how much he changed the lives of his two owner and how important he is in their everyday lives, he was able to accept his two homes much more and he was so proud of what he had achieved.

Our animals are usually so eager to help us and please us, but our everyday lives are so stressful, we are busy with so many things that we often don’t even notice. 
To change this, I would like to create a daily thread in my group (to which you are cordially invited if you are not yet a member), in which we write everything that our animals have done especially great, where we were proud of them, where they enriched our day. Because this way we pay much more attention to these many little moments, are happy about them and thus also send our animals how great they are and what a big influence they have in our lives. A gratitude diary in which we can and should also write down where we were proud of ourselves because we handled something particularly well!

I would be very happy if you would like to join us and together we can recognise even more what wonderful beings we have at our side. And the more we focus on the beautiful and positive, the more we experience it and the more radiant our lives become.

Love & Light for your and your pets