After Niela’s death, I have been thinking a lot about this topic, because if we are honest, we all wish for another time with our darling.
It is probably the case that only about 30-40% of animals reincarnate again and so far I have also had considerably more souls who have told me that they now have their tasks on the other side.

There are several possibilities for an animal to come back to us:
1. reincarnation into a new body – this is the way Sky, the dog I spoke to, chooses for himself. His new body is already in his mum’s belly, but his soul has not yet moved into it. 

2. as a so-called “walk-in” – this means that his soul will move into a body that is already on earth and whose soul has agreed that it will then return to the other side. It has then done everything it wanted to experience in this life cycle and this agreement has already been made in advance. However, I have no experience with this so far.

3. soul braiding – here two souls share one body. So similar to the walk-in, the soul comes into an already living body and this process has also been agreed upon in advance by both souls. Both soul frequencies are interwoven and the animal then shows characteristics of both. Again, I have not yet spoken to any animal that has confirmed this to me, but I know many who report that their new dog reminds them very much of their old one.

However, this can also be a hint for another possibility, where our darling does not reincarnate again, but is still close to us at times. In a so-called oversoul agreement. In this case, the living animal agrees to be guided by the deceased soul for a certain period of time.  In this way, your deceased animal can look after you, be in contact with you and also let the new four-legged partner at your side know about your preferences.

Love & light for you and your pets