You must have read many times about people who communicated with animals as children or to whom an animal suddenly spoke. It’s intimidating at first when it’s not like that for yourself. If you would like to exchange ideas with your animal, but somehow there is only emptiness. Yes, there are certainly those people who can do it just like that. Just as there are people who have a very special talent for painting or music. But even in these fields there are artists who achieve great things through a lot of diligence and practice. One isn’t better than the other, it’s just different.
And so it is with animal communication. If you feel this strong desire in your heart and it fills you with joy, then you can learn it! Anyone who is dedicated to this topic and invests the time will be able to talk to animals.

Please don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work right away and you feel like you’re not receiving anything. Someone recently said in their newsletter that you have to try something 1000 times before you can say it doesn’t work. I wouldn’t go that far. But yes, it takes a lot of practice and you need to be open to whatever signals come up.

But it also requires experimenting and discovering your strengths and your individual approach to animal communication. Not everyone gets the information in the same way, everyone has a different approach. So not every exercise that works for one is right for you. Be playful, try different things and have fun.

And last but not least, animal communication is also a journey to yourself. Because only if you know yourself well can you distinguish between what comes from the animal and what is yours. On the way you will also encounter some beliefs and blockages that you are allowed to dissolve. And you will find the stillness within you for answers to come to you.

I wish that you are not intimidated, but simply curious to try out contact with animals. Be open to whatever you receive. Whether it’s a sudden thought, a feeling, a physical symptom, a smell, a taste, or if you hear something.

Love & Light for you and your pets