I wish you relaxing Easter days with your darlings! Enjoy the free time and the wonderful sun and the blossoming nature.

That’s exactly what it’s going to be about this time, too, because the animals want us to focus on the essentials. They want us to appreciate our bodies and to consciously connect with nature and with the animals. 

We are infinite beings who have experiences in human bodies. But often we take our bodies for granted, don’t really care for them and don’t really experience the world through them at all. This Easter weekend, take a walk of the senses, notice everything around you. The warm rays of the sun on your skin, the wind gently caressing you, the scents of the blossoming trees, the lush green in so many different shades, the song of the birds rejoicing in spring. 
By really noticing everything around you, you also connect with the nature around you. You feel the life force that connects everything in the universe, like harmonious rays of light that permeate everything. You can also see it as we are all connected by an intricately woven spider’s web, its delicate threads reaching from one soul to another, all equally vital in this web of life.

The animals want to remind us of the heart-soul connection we make with other people and animals. The heart is considered the source of life, both emotional and physical. The soul is said to be the spiritual component. The heart-soul connection is the wonderful bond between you and an animal, nature or a human being that connects you on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. The more open you are to possibilities and the more willing you are to think outside the box, the more connected you become to all there is. Whether you know how to communicate with animals on a telepathic level or not, the more deeply you are connected to animals and nature, the more you will be able to be in tune with all life on that heart and soul level. 

Animals and nature help us to find our centre and make deep connections with all life.
And what can we do?

Be grateful 
When we are in the vibration of gratitude, appreciation and love, we are automatically connected to everything around us. Then we open our hearts and perceive our surroundings in a completely different way. Be grateful for the many benefits of nature that are bestowed upon you every day. Bless and give thanks for your food, your home, your supplies, etc. In today’s hectic times, we easily forget to be thankful for everything we have in our lives, even the little things. And of course, be grateful for the wonderful animals that are in your life now and for those who have shared the past with you.

Create a natural space
Consider the environment for you and your animals and create it in a way that supports and delights you. The more positive energy you can create in your environment, the more in tune you can become with the animals and nature, and they with you. 
Start tidying up and maybe do some spring cleaning. Remove everything that no longer suits you, that doesn’t please you, everything old and heavy can go. Is there something you have wanted to change for a long time? Even small things like a vase of fresh flowers, a cheerful doormat or a beautiful candle can make a big difference.
Of course, it is also important that the space where you and your pet live is free of toxins. Many things you use in your home or garden can contain harmful chemicals. So be aware of the ingredients in everything you use for you and your pets, such as shampoos, ointments, bedding, bedding, toys and flea and tick repellents.
And take care of your body. Everything you put on your body affects its energy. Everything you feed it strengthens or weakens it. But don’t let your mind guide you, let your heart guide you! Feel whether something is good for you or not. The more your environment supports you, the more you come into your power.

Let’s honour the animals and connect all of us on this heart and soul level that starts within ourselves.

The next newsletter from me will be on 8.5. as we will be on Texel for 2 weeks enjoying the sea!

Love  & Light for your and your pets