Anyone can communicate with animals.
Yes, that’s true. But not everyone has to or wants to.

I’ve talked to some who feel guilty about not talking to their animal. Or who have taken a course and then somehow don’t continue with it or feel they are just incapable.
This “anybody can do it” puts incredible pressure on us. Because somehow it also implies that everybody should do it.

But there are many things that basically everybody can do, but that we don’t refine. For example, we all have the ability to draw and paint, but only some continue to practice it, learn different techniques and put a lot of time and dedication into it. Others start now and then and also enjoy what they create, but know that they don’t have enough time to be really good at it. And some just don’t feel the need to continue with it at all. 

In this day and age, there is so much information available and an incredible amount of videos and courses on all sorts of topics even available to consume from the comfort of your own home. So we are increasingly stressed by the flood of knowledge that floods us and we feel like failures because we can not do everything. But we should free ourselves from this. It is simply impossible to be able to do everything and to do everything. And the more we try, the more we get bogged down, the more dissatisfied we are and the less we can really do.

Instead, sense if a theme makes something resonate within you, and then devote time and practice to that theme as a result.
And if this topic that makes your heart shine is animal communication, then it is true that everyone can talk to animals. But only very few can do it without practice and personal commitment. But that’s a topic for the next newsletter.

Our animals love it when we want to learn to communicate with them on another level. But they will also love it just as much if we ask someone else to communicate instead. The main thing is that they have the opportunity to express their feelings and their opinions are taken into consideration. 

Enjoy animal communication however it shows up in your life ❤️.

Love & Light for you and your pets