In line with the theme of the last post, I would like to share with you how you can support your animals before and during a visit to the vet.

Some time ago I was allowed to prepare a bitch for the birth of her puppies with a cesarean section. This was necessary due to her anatomy and we didn’t want her to suddenly be caught off guard at the vet.  At first, of course, she was not happy about this at all, preferring to give birth naturally, but after we explained the reasons to her, she was able to accept it. She then gave birth to 7 wonderful puppies and is a happy mommy!

Thank you that her owner was so thoughtful and sought the conversation!

It is important for our animals that we explain what is going to happen and why before a vet visit. That way they can prepare themselves and are not helpless and ignorant to it. This does not always mean that the visit will be easier, they will be more cooperative, they will be less afraid, but they will definitely feel respected as thinking and feeling beings. And to make the whole thing perhaps more bearable, we can also hold out the prospect of a reward for them or tell them how we will pamper them especially afterwards. Just like our moms did with us when we were little .

For some procedures, professional animal communication may be helpful, as in the case above, where I also immediately resolved some of her fears and we discussed together how it will be with the puppies in the coming days and weeks. But very often, you can also talk to your animals yourself. Just explain it to them, with words and with pictures, i.e. while you are talking, think about the situation and what the vet will do or what reward there will be afterwards, how you will take care. This already makes a big difference and helps them!

As always I would really appreciate if you tell me if you try it and if it made any difference. 

Love & Light for you and your pets