We are all affected and sympathetic to what is happening in the world. We are scared, angry and tense.
So today I want to share an interesting insight from my Maja with you.
In my group, she was asked how animals perceive the respective mood of their people and what can be done so that, for example, stress and hectic are not transferred to them.

Maja: We feel your emotions in our field. Depending on how strong they are and which ones they are, this can be unpleasant. With anger, for example, I prefer to go out of the energy into another space. And then you often act differently than when you are in a neutral emotion. As a result, you are sometimes difficult for us to assess and that is not pleasant. Most of the time we don’t know why you’re feeling this way. It helps if you explain to us why you are upset, for example, because visitors are coming or that you are sad because of something someone told you.
It’s different when you’re stressed and hectic. This immediately rubs off on us because we instinctively associate this state with a readiness to flee or to fight. We feel the hormones, the tension and also go into this tension to be ready. It’s often the same for you humans, when a close friend or family member is hectic and stressed, it’s not easy for you to stay calm and relaxed. Active countermeasures are then necessary. It’s the same with us. And especially when you are so stressed, your behavior towards us is also tense. So you give us a physical signal that something is wrong.
It is best if you are less stressed and, above all, less hectic and tense. ???? Try to exhale consciously, let go and let the tension flow away. We are happy to help you to ground yourself and come back to your center!

Our moods therefore also influence our animals. So understand if they may be behaving differently than usual at the moment. They feel your worries, fears and sadness and are unsettled and worried.
Try to stay centered and in your light. If you think of peace, feel it in you and send it out into the world, then you help yourself, your animals and the people affected the most. ????????????

Love & Light for you and your pets