How can we let our animals participate even more in our lives?

Our pets are so full of curiosity, joie de vivre and adventurousness and they want so much to understand and experience us, our lives and our perceptions.
And sharing with each other and participating in each other’s lives is so enriching and exciting!

For example, how about sending your animal what you perceive with your senses on your walk, ride or gardening trip together? What smells you notice, how you feel when the sun finally warms you again and how you feel it on your skin.
It’s not as difficult as we often think! It is enough to simply have the intention to send something to your animal. Concentrate on the scent you have in your nose and imagine how this information flows to your animal, how it now has the scent in its nose.  And see how it reacts?
Or maybe it sniffs intensively at a flower and you try to get into your animal’s head and see if you can also catch this scent. Maybe a scent memory flashes in your mind or it feels like you can also catch a scent.

Just think of it as a casual game, a special mindful walk or moment you have together. Your pet will definitely be curious about what their human is up to.

This week I had a conversation with a cat. Unfortunately, she has various allergies and therefore there are only a few things that she can tolerate and eat. And she is a little foodie who loves to experience different tastes and textures so much. I then suggested to her owner that she share her own taste experiences with her cat. So consciously eating an apple, for example, and tuning in to the mouthfeel, the taste, the sounds of chewing and making the intention to send it all to her cat. This way, the sweetie can experience lots of different foods through her human. I am curious what the two will report in a while. In any case, the cat thought it was a great idea and is already looking forward to this special exchange.

So, what can you think of to share with your pet? Experiment, be open and just play around a bit.
I would be very happy if you tell me how it went.

Love & Light for you and your pets