This week the topic of end of life and dying is very present in my environment and I had the honour to have a very touching conversation about the end of life with a human-dog team. It was so moving how much peace and calm was felt as they both opened up about saying goodbye and making a decision. 

This last time that we are allowed to spend with our loved ones is so wonderful and touching on the one hand and so incredibly difficult on the other because we know that farewell is imminent.

If you have the opportunity, clarify many things for yourself before the “acute” phase begins:

If your pet needs help with the transition, will your vet come to your home? What medication does he use? (I would always insist on a pentobarbital preparation.) How will it work? What options do you have at night, on a weekend or on a holiday? Who is present? What happens to his mortal shell afterwards? Do you bury in your garden or do you cremate? Which crematorium is nearby and which one do you feel you are in good hands with?

The more of these “technical” questions you can clarify in advance, the calmer you can concentrate on your pet and its needs in the acute phase.

There is a lot of valuable information available in the English-speaking world here They have also published a number of books on hospice care, natural dying and dealing with a terminal diagnosis. 

The clearer you are within yourself about what you want for your animal and you are in contact with your animal’s needs, the less you allow yourself to be influenced from the outside. In my experience, vets are sometimes very quick to euthanise and push you into a decision that many people regret afterwards.

And of course it can help to talk about these topics together with your animal as part of a live communication. What else do you both want to say to each other? What wishes does your animal have? What fears are there? For you and your animal. How far are you walking the path together and when do you want help with the transition?

Love & light for you and your pets