In this “Christmas Post” I would like to share with you a message from Blackie the cow that I had the pleasure of accompanying this year. You can see her in the picture below.

We had hoped to cure her and she fought hard, but unfortunately she had to go on her last journey. However, I was able to take away her sadness and bring her peace. I am so grateful that I was able to connect with this wonderful being and accompany her last days. She touched my heart deeply!

So a few days after her transition, I asked her for a message for us:

I am so grateful for the life I had! I was respected and loved. Not natural for us farm animals.

I, however, was seen, I could let my light shine. And I would be very happy if I reach many souls beyond my death.

I was and am love, I am the maternal, the providing. When you look into my eyes, you see my soul.

I was here because I have a task. That task is to touch others in the heart and open their eyes.

Feel the connection to all living beings, to people and animals. Really feel that nothing is separate from you and that we all influence each other. Focus on love, feel it, see the beauty and wonder in the world. Don’t look away from suffering, but don’t sink into it either. Change the world where you can. Every day a little.

Have faith, open up and let your light shine. You are not alone, you are being guided.

Love to you all, Blackie

So let’s change the world by consciously focusing on our heart every day and feeling the love there for our animals, feeling our power there. And then we let this light shine from our heart into the world. We are all connected and so our light will also light up other hearts. Touch each other in this way with love, understanding and connection and do not allow fear, anger and worry to dim your light. Have faith and confidence and like Blackie, focus on the beautiful and wonderful in our world.

I wish you all a wonderful, harmonious and radiant Christmas surrounded by your two and four legged loved ones!

Love & light for you and your pets