Some time ago I had the privilege to talk to the adorable Ylvi. (You can see a photo of her below. ) We approached trauma gently and worked out coping strategies together with her owner, Lil.

Lil then asked Ylvi if she had any advice on how to improve her telepathic communication with her animals. And I would like to share what Ylvi told us with all of you. Because it will help us all to connect even more with our animals and strengthen our reception.

Ylvi says that we connect heart to heart with our animals and that emotions and information also flow through this connection. Most of the time, however, we are not even aware of this connection, so we do not use it. So her tip is that several times a day we focus on that connection, imagining a bridge from our heart to hers. And that we then send love through this connection and feel how our animals send love back to us. The more we do this, the more this bridge grows. At first it might just be a trail, then a path, a road and then a hoghway, on which a great deal of information is then sent back and forth. And the more we open this connection, the more we will feel when our animal sends us a message in everyday life.

I am very grateful to Ylvi for this suggestion and will definitely implement it. Maybe you would like to join in and tell me about your experiences. I would be happy to!

Love & Light for you and your pets