I love it when the animals’ answers make me think, broaden my horizons and give me a new understanding!

I had a very interesting conversation with a horse some time ago about training and communication. And I would be happy to hear what you think about his message.

My client wanted to know from her horse how he likes it that his human uses a special language and signs for his training.

He had to smile a little. It’s not that we don’t understand your language and signs. But you humans are sometimes not very aware and sensitive. And then you try to overpower us. Those who want to use our language have sensed this and try to approach us differently. It doesn’t necessarily have to be with special signs. It’s about the intention behind it. And that is what we sense. Just like our conversation now. We translate what we receive with our own words, the meaning behind it comes through. And whether you call it animal communication or whether you are simply attuned to your dog or your horse, you always carry your intention and the meaning within you. And it has to be done respectfully and with our consciousness in mind.

It is just important that you are clear in your mind. Sometimes you humans have so much to do, so many thoughts, that it is difficult to know what you really want. Sometimes you don’t seem to know yourselves. So when you clearly know what we should be doing and have it in your head, body language is not so important.

Love & light to you and your pets