Because last week in my FB group we asked my deceased dog Niela many questions about dying and what is afterwards, I would like to include this topic again in my newsletter.

Namely, I would like to encourage and strengthen you in the fact that you are very closely connected to your animals, so that you know when it is time to say goodbye forever.

Some time ago I was allowed to talk to a dog who has cancer. She wasn’t ready to leave and she was fine so far, although the vet recommended putting her to sleep as soon as possible. That’s exactly what her human felt. She just wasn’t sure if she could trust her instincts. But that’s exactly what you can do! Even if you don’t consciously communicate with your animals, you are always connected to them, knowing how they are doing and sensing when they are ready to leave.

Of course there are also cases where people hold on too long, where animals suffer, but I’m sure it won’t happen to those who read here. You are concerned about your animal’s well-being, want it to be well and have a deep love for it.

Interestingly, I have also found that animals are often relatively good at dealing with pain and the limitations of illness. They are happy to be with their humans, living in their memories with a healthy body. And they often need time to say goodbye, to get used to the idea of ​​leaving their physical shell. This time “before” is so important for humans and animals, it is part of the mourning and detachment process. So feel into yourself, trust what you receive from your loved one and don’t let any veterinarian pressure you into a decision.

And if you are unsure, ask someone to contact your animal and ask the animal what it wants.

For all those who are not in my Facebook group and haven’t been able to read Niela’s answers yet, I’m happy to add them again below. It was very touching for me to have this in-depth conversation with her and she opened my eyes to many things and helped me to understand better.

Love & light for you and your pets

Ask Niela ANYTHING – Answers

*I would like to know if one is completely healthy again there, no matter what was on earth?
On the other hand, we no longer have a body, so there is no such thing as healthy or sick. We are pure energy and connected to everything again.

*Does he/she know that I would have liked to accompany him/her further?
Of course we know and feel that you would have liked to have continued to accompany us. Saying goodbye is often very difficult for us too.

*Will the next dog/cat be sent directly, with lots of characteristics from the deceased animal?
The next animal will come into your life when you are ready for it or when you have agreed upon it. Souls who meet on earth have always agreed on this beforehand. We don’t always go the whole way together, but you can be sure that there is always a reason why two souls meet. Sometimes we may only recognise it afterwards. It doesn’t matter whether an animal has the same qualities, but what experiences you or the animal wants to have.

*If I move and can’t take the buried body with me?
Here I see them smiling. The body or ashes are only important to you. We leave our shell behind when we leave this world. So what happens to our shells is not important either. So you can be quite at ease if you ever have to move.

*I have been told that a dog will come to live with me when I move to my new home next year. Does Niela have any advice for me? I’ve never owned a dog or lived with one, but I’ve always wanted one!
Don’t listen to what others tell you, just listen to your own heart. If you feel it is the right time for a dog, then it is, and then you will find each other. And if you feel in your heart that a dog has no place in your life, then that’s what counts. The same is true when a dog becomes part of your family. Listen with your heart to every piece of advice and every tip you get. If it feels positive, use it. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t listen to it. Trust your heart and the love you will feel. It will guide you!

*I would like to know if we find our deceased animals over there? Are they waiting for your humans on the other side?
It is not like your picture of the Rainbow Bridge behind which we are waiting for you. Each of us has different tasks that we fulfil on the other side. Some also reincarnate into another family. But she sends me the image that during the transformation process after death we exchange with all the souls that were important in our lives. I see a luminous energy cloud in which points of light flash in different colours. These are the individual souls, she says. And then there are families of souls. These can be human or animal souls with whom we are connected over many incarnations and with whom we are eternally connected and who are “waiting” for us, so to speak.

*I would like to know if they feel when we think of them or speak of them and are sad?
It shows me a spark of light that is sent out from our heart and reaches them every time we think of them with love. It is a beautiful picture! Yes, we feel when you think of us, because through our love we are always connected and with every thought you also make contact. However, when we are too sad, sometimes the sparks of light don’t have as much power and don’t reach them properly. That is why we then feel so lonely and cut off from them.

*Are the animals with the people or animals who have also gone before us and who knew them?
We are only closely connected with the soul energies of the deceased animals or people if they belong to our soul family. And if we were close to each other in this life, then we also find ourselves on the other side. But we are not together as a family of xx, but with our superior soul family. This does not necessarily have to be all the members of our earthly family.

*Are they waiting for us or do they know that we will meet again and accompany us with their soul for such a long time?
Sometimes an animal accompanies you for a certain reason, you want to have certain experiences together. These animals often incarnate again, into another family. And then there are what you call soul or heart animals. You have often had several lives with them. You are connected to each other on a higher level. As I, Niela, experience it at the moment, their energy brightens up a lot after death, they ascend into a higher dimension. And from there they accompany and guide you.

*And are they then physically tangible again? Do they look like we remember them, only without physical infirmities?
No, we are pure energy, we no longer have a body. That only exists here on earth. But we show ourselves to you as we were happiest. For that is easier for you to open yourselves to us.

*Is it right that the animals that have passed away in this life do not come to us as animals in this human life, but only in the following lives?
The energies on earth are changing. The dimension as you have known it until now will no longer exist. Karma as it once was is dissolving. How it will be in the future and whether we will still have physical lives together or perhaps “only” be energetically connected to each other, remains to be seen.

*Can a human being reincarnate as an animal?
No, we have different souls, frequencies, tasks.

*Does it really happen that old companions accompany the transition or pick up a soul, or is that a human idea?
Angels accompany the transition itself. Our guardian angel, because we animals also have one, and if you like an angel of death, who is specialised in helping with the transformation.
In the time before the actual leaving of the body, animal souls who have gone before are often nearby. They give comfort, give courage and help to let go. Often, during the dying process, our soul already changes dimensions “on a trial basis”, i.e. we connect more closely with departed souls. And animal friends help us with this, they are there to help us find our way.

*I would like to know what “life” is like on the other side; is there day and night? what do you do? play, eat, sleep? are you in company? Do they miss us?
On the other side, everything is pure energy. There is no duality there, so no day and night. We also don’t have a body, so we don’t have to take care of it. However, it is the case that sometimes I miss the physical experience, the closeness, the cuddling. That is also where we miss you. When we want to or when you consciously connect with us, we are close to you, we are in exchange with you.
We have many different tasks. Some help souls with the transition into a new body or help with the letting go of a body. Some accompany departed souls during the transition, some assist farm animals and send them loving energy, some support the transformation of energies. Sometimes we just enjoy being, being connected to everything. Everyone does what they like and where they are best.

*Is heaven separated into animal heaven and human heaven or are you all together?
All beings are together in the higher dimensions. We are all connected, but are also individual. Similar to here, except that everyone does everything for the good of all. Since there is no duality, everything is love. And no one is higher or better or worse. Just different frequencies.

*Is it possible that I don’t feel the energy as before shortly after their death? I have the feeling that my animal darlings are now further away from me and I would like to feel them closer and would like to know if they could go in peace and if they notice when I think of them?
After death there is always peace. As soon as we leave our body and are pure energy, we only feel love and peace. Even the experience of death is chosen by each soul beforehand. Don’t worry, however it happens is right. We always feel when you think of us. A little spark of light goes from your heart to ours. Sometimes grief makes you more permeable, more open. You are completely focused on us and therefore perceive us. Then, when you are completely back in your life, in your everyday life, you may not find the necessary peace and openness. Your protective walls and any blockages that you have also come up again and you therefore have the feeling that we are further away. Of course, it can also be that an animal incarnates again. Then you can still reach it consciously, but it is no longer so close to you, but more in its new life.

*A question that always concerns me is arriving on the other side. How does it feel? Familiar, like coming home after a long absence? Or foreign? Like in a foreign city where you first have to find your way around? Are you looking for familiar souls or are you already expected?
It is usually the case that in the last phase of the dying process we detach ourselves from our body every now and then and visit the other side. We are usually more aware of our energy body than you are and therefore many things are not so unfamiliar and new for us. When we leave our body completely and immerse ourselves fully in this field, it feels like coming home again after a long time. “Technically, perhaps it’s more like coming back to a holiday destination after a long time, but where you haven’t been for a long time. You find your way around again within a very short time. And yes, you are expected. Mostly, familiar souls are already at our side shortly before our death and guide us afterwards. We don’t need as long for the transformation as you sometimes think. Tanja asked me some time ago when you can contact us, because there are supposed to be different time limits. Yes, first of all we integrate all our experiences from this life, you could perhaps compare that with reminiscing. And then we find our new task. But we are always accompanied and supported.
When an animal is suddenly torn out of life by an accident, it’s a bit different. At first it feels like jumping into cold water, you are shocked. But that also dissolves immediately. These animals might take a little longer because they haven’t been able to prepare themselves.

*I would like to know how the beginning dying process manifests itself early on, not just the obvious signs. How do you know when it is time to say goodbye, can you influence the length of the dying process?
Mostly we know and feel when our time has come. There is no clear sign, but it is a feeling, an inner certainty. But we don’t usually show you this, we don’t want you to be unnecessarily sad. At some point, however, you will also notice that we are no longer fully here, that our vitality is diminishing. And then comes the phase where we travel with our soul to the other side from time to time. Then we know that it won’t be long before we have to leave completely. Yes, to a certain extent we can delay the process, for example because we still want to say goodbye to someone.

*And are the dogs then completely healthy again, are they happy, do they still think of their humans, do they long for their humans back?
On the other hand, everything is pure energy. We no longer have a body that can be sick. And there is only love and peace, we always feel good because we don’t know or experience anything else there either. We are always connected with you and we also pay attention to you from the other side and are there for you. Just as we did on earth. The physical, the closeness, the cuddling, that’s what we long for sometimes. These are very special experiences that you can only have on earth.

*Is saying goodbye also so difficult for you?
Saying goodbye was very difficult for me, I didn’t want to let go and leave. Even when we feel it’s time, we often wish we had more time together. And we don’t want to make you sad, we want to comfort you. But we have the absolute certainty that it is not the end and that helps us. Unfortunately, you don’t have this deep inner knowledge, which is why it is even more difficult for you.

*Can it be that you cannot leave if you have not been able to say goodbye to all your loved ones?
We can always leave, but yes often we would like to have the opportunity to say goodbye. We too are attached to life here and the friendships we have with others. But some of us also decide to go alone. They just don’t want to experience the conscious pain of parting.

*Can you dear souls not always give us a very obvious sign that you are well?
We are always well when we are at one with everything again, when we are pure energy. We often send you signs, but you do not perceive them as such, you just think it is a coincidence. We don’t have so many ways to reach you, so we send you rainbows, feathers, a certain song, a sparkle.